School Supply Lists

7th and 8th Grades School Supply List will be given by each individual teacher.
Students should come the first day with notebook paper, blue/black pens, and pencils.

6th Grade Supply List:

2 pks pencils
2 pks pens
2 pks notebook paper
2 inch binder
dividers (5 subjects)
2 highlighters
4 pk dry erase markers (all black)
2 pks of map pencils
3 pk glue sticks X3 (Rdg/Math/SS)
Folders w/ pockets and brads (red, blue, yellow, purple, green)
5 Composition notebooks (one per subject)
Manilla paper X3 (Math/SS/Rdg)
2-Kleenex (1st period)
2-Germ X (1st period)